About us

The Phillips injection molding plant is part of the Phillips Poland production factory, which is a European unit of the American group Phillips Poland.

Injection mold plant

The plant has 22 injection molding machines about the closing forces from 250 to 6500 kN.

We employ 50 people with many years of experience in the field of injection molding.
Our production hall is 1,200 m2, the available warehouse space is over 2,000 m2.

Tool shop

We have a competent tool shop, where we make current repairs and maintenance of injection molds.


Contact us if you need more information:

Piotr Janke
Business Development Manager
tel.: +48 578 000 742
e-mail: pjanke@phillips-europe.com

Michał Cendrowski
European Project Manager for Plastics
tel.: +48 536 000 453
e-mail: mcendrowski@phillips-europe.com